Fannie Mae Prefunding Quality Control (“QC”) Requirements:

Fannie Mae has announced changes to prefunding QC requirements. In an announcement published March 1, 2023, Fannie Mae will now require lenders to select loans on a monthly basis for it prefunding quality control reviews. The selection process must be based on a lender’s assessment of the risks inherent in its origination process which include items such as business source, volume and product mix. The monthly sample must include selections from each of the lender’s origination channels.

Fannie Mae now requires lenders to complete a minimum number of prefunding QC reviews each month, and this review must be conducted by parties who have no involvement in the processing and underwriting decision of the loan being reviewed. A lender’s loan selections must equal, at a minimum, the lesser of:

  • 10% of the prior month’s total number of loans originated or acquired, or
  • 750 loans.

Note: If a lender does not originate or acquire at least 10 loans in the prior month, then the lender must select at least one loan for its current prefunding QC review.

Regulatory Solutions has a robust prefunding department that can provide these monthly reviews in accordance with Fannie Mae guidelines. Please contact Betsy Reynolds at to get started on your prefunding QC reviews today.

Announcement SEL-2023-02: Selling Guide Updates | Fannie Mae