Application Channel and New HMDA Data

HMDA Alert Getting It Right 2020

There are two questions for this data point that must be reported as part of the new HMDA data. First, you must report whether the applicant submitted the application directly to your financial institution. For HMDA purposes, an application is treated as being submitted directly to your financial institution if the applicant was directed to a third-party agent who performed origination activities on behalf of the financial institution. However, this would not be the case if the third-party agent assisted the applicant with their application for a loan with another institution. If the applicant completed an application with a broker or correspondent who then sent the application to your financial institution for approval, then this would not be reported as being submitted directly to your financial institution.

The other data point that must be reported is whether the obligation that arises from the application is or would have been initially payable to your financial institution. For applications that are withdrawn, denied, or closed for incompleteness, this particular data point should be reported as “not applicable” if at the time action was taken, the financial institution had not determined whether the loan would be initially payable to this institution.

The one major exception is when you are reporting on a purchased loan. In this instance, both of these data points should be reported as being “not applicable”.

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