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Our hands-on approach to pre-funding quality control takes a load off your mind.

Our pre-funding quality control reviews provide a complete analysis allowing you to have errors corrected to keep the file moving toward closing on time. We have a hands-on approach that’s better hands down. We don’t just hand the pre-funding quality control results over to you. We give you background on how we got there using a state-of-the-art software system that’s cutting edge, not cookie cutter.

For a limited time, receive 10% off the cost of your first month’s pre-funding quality control reviews. For your discount details or to get a free quote contact Betsy Reynolds at 855-734-7655 or use our request form below. 

Pre-Funding (Pre-Closing) Quality Control Reviews

Our pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan file reviews identify and reduce errors before you sit down at the closing table. Our 24 – 48 hour response time provides you with the time to correct any problems which reduces risk and keeps the loan file on track for timely closing. Regulatory Solutions’ loan file reviews are easier to read and ensure loans meet applicable agency requirements for collateral, credit, compliance, and capacity of mortgage loan applicants. Our pre-funding quality control loan file reports include:

  • Validation that certain required documents are in the loan file and are complete and that the data relied on by the client making the underwriting decision is accurate.
  • Validation of information in the application and credit report.
  • Integrity of data entered into an automated underwriting system.
  • Review of Income calculations and supporting documentation and employment documentation, including verbal verification of employment.
  • Review of assets needed to close or meet reserve requirements.
  • Appraisal validation
  • Red Flags review
  • Occupancy intent
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Verification that required disclosures are in the file.

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    We have the lock on peace of mind.

    In our state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, Alabama, we abide by the highest security standards set by the industry to set our clients’ minds completely at ease. Our secure office suite remains locked at all times with access controlled by an electronic badge system and monitored by a third-party security vendor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call Betsy Reynolds to learn more about our Pre-Funding Quality Control services at 855-734-7655.

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