Credit Score Information New 2018 HMDA Requirement

The 2018 HMDA regulation will require an institution to report an applicant’s credit score information. While this is a new data point, it is relatively straight-forward. An institution must report both the credit score and the name and version of the scoring model that was used when making the credit decision. If multiple scores were relied upon, then the institution should report only one of those scores. When this occurs, deciding which score to report is up to the institution but the method should remain consistent throughout the HMDA LAR. On the other hand, if the loan had more than one applicant and the institution relied on only a single credit score then that score should be reported for either the applicant or the co-applicant.

 If a credit scoring model was used that was not an option provided by the HMDA regulation, then the institution should report this data point as “other”. If this is selected, the specific credit scoring model that was used must be entered.

Reporting this data point as “not applicable” is an option. This can occur when the loan was: a purchased loan, the institution did not rely on a credit score, closed for incompleteness, withdrawn before a credit decision was made, or if the applicant is not a natural person.

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