Manufactured Home Secured Property Type & Manufactured Home Land Property Interest

Beginning in 2018, a financial institution will report manufactured home information as part of their HMDA data. Specifically, the secured property type and the land property interest information should be reported in regards to the manufactured home that is securing the loan.

For the secured property type, a financial institution will have to report whether the loan is secured by a manufactured home and land or if the land is not securing the loan. A financial institution will report that the Manufactured Home is not secured by land even if the Manufactured Home is considered real property under state law.

For the land property interest, the financial institution should report the information about the applicant’s ownership interest in the land where the manufactured home is located. The first option that can be reported is direct ownership. This is used when the applicant has direct ownership in the land and the ownership is more than a possessory real property ownership interest. Another option is indirect ownership. This is reported when the applicant is a member of a resident-owned community that is structured as a housing cooperative which owns the underlying land. If the applicant lives in a resident-owned community but is not a member, the land property interest would be reported as a paid leasehold. A paid leasehold can occur when the applicant does not have an ownership interest in the land but they have a written lease for the lot that specifies rent payments. This data point can also be reported as an unpaid leasehold. This occurs when there is no written lease and therefore no agreement for rent payments.

There is an additional circumstance for the land property interest data point. This will be reported as “not applicable” if the location for the manufactured home has not yet been identified at the time action was taken.  When it comes to reporting these data points as “not applicable” on your HMDA LAR, there is some overlap.  Both of these data points will be reported as “not applicable” when the dwelling that is securing the loan is not a manufactured home or if it is a manufactured home community that is a multifamily dwelling.


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