Prefunding/Preclosing Quality Control Review – Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac requires that a Lender establish a pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan review process that contains a sample selection and provides enough time for reviews to be completed before closing. There must be procedures established to report deficiencies to senior management and to take the appropriate corrective measures. The pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan review process must also document the resolution of any defects and should establish procedures for canceling/postponing a closing when the review reveals deficiencies or when the review cannot be completed before closing.

The pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan review should include loans that reflect the full scope of the Lender’s products. When selecting loans for review the Lender should make sure to target certain loan samples in order to review the work of new employees, confirm that a new product is being originated in accordance with policies, and to evaluate the work of a particular employee when fraud is suspected. The method in which the Lender chooses their samples should be examined regularly so as to ensure its effectiveness.

For the validation and re-verification process, Freddie Mac requires that the pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan review include validation or re-verification of: data entered into Loan Product Advisor; Social Security numbers (unless validated during the loan origination process); income documentation and its calculation; employment; assets required to close or meet reserve requirements; property valuation documentation; adequate mortgage insurance; and whether additional credit was granted and considered when the credit report reveals inquiries within the previous 120 days.

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