Pre-funding/Pre-closing Quality Control Review VA and USDA

A pre-funding / pre-closing quality control loan review must include 10% of all VA-guaranteed mortgages each month. As with other quality control policies, there must be procedures in place to notify senior management of any deficiencies found in the course of the review. Also, the quality control plan must establish an effective method for senior management to address and correct these deficiencies. If a pattern emerges from the deficiencies found, then there should be corrective instructions provided to the applicable employee.

The pre-funding (pre-closing) quality control loan plan must also provide a procedure for promptly reporting any violation of a regulation or false statements to the VA. It must also contain procedures for the Lender to remain up to date with any future VA pre-funding (pre-closing) requirements. Like with FHA, the Lender must check that no one involved in the origination or underwriting process is debarred or suspended.


USDA/RHS has not established any specifics for a pre-funding quality control loan review process when dealing with RHS loans. Merely that a Lender must have an effective pre-funding review process.

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